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The Piano for All system lets you obtain you piano playing desire without wasting your money or time. Age is not a factor with this program. Anyone can do it. Piano for All declares that you can be playing your favorite tunes in a few months.

To be truthful, this book is the perfect book for all levels. If you want to hone your piano playing skills or if you are a complete beginner, this system will work. This program will also fit within most budgets.  Conventional lessons could cost up to $100 each, but with Piano for All you get everything for $39. What a savings.

That is an amazing bargain, for the quality of training you get. This program is also quite fun, which keeps the student engaged while they are learning how to play the piano.


  • The program makes sure that you are using both hands. Never one more than the other.
  • Robin Hall, the creator of Piano for All, is an expert pianist. He is experienced in many styles of piano playing.
  • The 10 books are full of informative and helpful lessons that are sure to help you.
  • You can go at your own pace, and work it into your schedule wherever it fits.
  • It is very affordable for the quality content you receive.
  • The video and audio clips are a helpful aid to the books.
  • The program really emphasizes learning chords. Knowing chords is important especially if you want to join a band or be part of an orchestra.
  • If you practice you will see the results


  • If you do not practice you will not see the results.
  • You may be someone who benefits more from traditional lessons.

Does This Program Work?

This Piano for All program really does work. This program is not a scam and this can be confirmed with the vast amount of positive reviews. You will not find a better program for beginners or any level honestly. The total cost of this program is the cost you would probably pay for one traditional lesson. Piano for All is a totally affordable program that gives you great results


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